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HighDesign R7.1 (2023.1) Release Notes

Version: 2023.1.2172
Status: Released

New Features and Improvements

  • Added a new Home Window as the central hub for creating and opening documents, browsing recent documents and templates. Project files now include a thumbnail for easier browsing.
  • Boolean operations for polygons: overlapped polygonal shapes (hatches, polylines, rectangles and regular polygons) can now be intersected with Union, Subtraction, Intersection and Exclusion operations.
  • New Share panel provides access to the settings to export the current drawing as an image file. The new panel includes a live preview of the exported file and controls for proportional and custom sizing, multiple units, background fill, drawing filters and the file format-specific options.
  • Added support for new image file formats: TGA, WebP and HDR.
  • Faster document loading.
  • Importing large DWG/DXF files is 3x faster.
  • DWG/DXF: a new window shows the progress of the import process and allows the user to cancel the operation.
  • DWG/DXF: added support for Wipeout entities.
  • Application Settings: new settings for the Nudge command allow to define the unit and amount of the offset.
  • Images are now displayed at 50% transparency during Move and Duplicate commands so that they do not cover the drawing objects underneath.
  • The Insert Image command now shows a thumbnail of the image being inserted.
  • Project views now store the sheet display mode (fully transparent, dimmed, opaque).
  • New “What’s New in HighDesign” window.
  • New floating buttons in Layout sheets to insert a new viewport and access the title block menu.
  • Improved editing of title block attributes.
  • Changed the Arc/Circle labels on the Object Info panel to show more descriptive texts.
  • The input field on the Multiply, Resize and Rotate panels now accepts the input automatically without requiring the user to press Enter.
  • Added standard North American paper sizes to the page size chooser.
  • Improved the visual feedback of the Rotate command.
  • Improved the refresh speed on Windows.
  • Fillet and Chamfer are now easier to use and more consistent.
  • Improved Snap to Alignments: the alignment points are now more visible and distinct from snap point markers. The middle point between two alignment points is now more visible and the snap point is acquired with more accuracy.
  • Snapping is now more accurate and consistent. Improved the UI of pre-selection points for vertices and mid-points.
  • Improved creation and editing of symbol attributes.
  • LT: added option to print the selected objects only.
  • Project Window: added icons on the titlebar for quick access to Application settings, Project Settings and Resource Manager.
  • Layers panel: added new Duplicate Layer item in the contextual menu.
  • Styles panel: double-clicking a style now applies the style to all selected objects.
  • Selection: improved the refresh speed and the alignment of the focus indicator on segments.
  • Project Settings > Information: improved responsiveness for data input and added support for the Tab key to navigate through the table rows.
  • App Settings > Templates: redesigned the panel.
  • The Resource Manager window now opens at the last used position in the current session.


  • The Hatch Settings panel no longer includes buttons to set border and fill colors as they were duplicates of the buttons available on the main Object Properties panel and toolbar.
  • Removed the option to pan the drawing using a long click as it was interfering with snapping.

Bug Fixes

  • HD-12 Exception in DXFOutlet.Export
  • HD-32 The Offset command does not work with Bezier paths
  • HD-40 Exception IOException
  • HD-52 Exception OutOfMemoryException
  • HD-67 Point highlight is scaled with the zoom factor
  • HD-105 Exception NilObjectException
  • HD-108 Exception NilObjectException
  • HD-111 Exception OutOfBoundsException in sheets
  • HD-146 Object Info: some panels could scroll above the panel header
  • HD-147 The live preview of the Mirror command does not always show the objects
  • HD-150 Images are opaque while being moved
  • HD-152 Exception in viewports,
  • HD-153 Exception in annotations.
  • HD-154 Exception in annotations.
  • HD-155 Exception in texts.
  • HD-156 Exception in detail areas.
  • HD-157 Annotations with curve and arc leader lines show their label centred on the end point
  • HD-158 DXF/DWG: hatch boundaries with arc segments are not converted correctly
  • HD-159 DWG/DXF: dimension text size is incorrect in some instances
  • HD-160 DWG/DXF: arc coordinates are not converted correctly under certain circumstances
  • HD-161 DWG/DXF: importing is slow with large files
  • HD-164 DWG/DXF: layouts are not imported correctly
  • HD-165 DWG/DXF: Chinese characters are not converted correctly in some files
  • HD-168 Exception in LXToolPropertiesPane
  • HD-171 Exception in Layers panel.
  • HD-176 Exception in Print Manager
  • HD-177 Exception in Main Window
  • HD-178 Editing an object over a trace reference does not work correctly.
  • HD-182 The Trace Reference panel in Object Info does not show the Filter menu
  • HD-185 Symbol shadows are rendered with transparency if the symbol contains transparent fills
  • HD-188 Styles: the object shadow settings need a switch to define the shadow as On/Off
  • HD-191 Zoom out with mouse wheel goes from 300% to 100%
  • HD-196 Shadow offset and blur sizes should be expressed in points, not pixels
  • Annotations with no leader line could not be inserted properly.
  • Fixed situations in which the graphic settings of a drawing, like shadows or line dash patterns, were not reset correctly.
  • The size of viewports that fit the contained drawing is now correct for rotated drawings.
  • On Windows, the Control-V shortcut overlapped New Project view.
  • Trace references: snap to the trace reference border is now enabled only with the Arrow tool.
  • Changing the layer of multiple selected objects did not work correctly when the destination layer was hidden.
  • Fixed angular units when the current angle units are set to surveyor’s units, i.e. with Azimuth or Bearings.
  • Compound walls did not show the hatches of the internal components with their intended colour.
  • Improved the behaviour of the popup-menu with tool-specific options (ex. the options menu of the Polyline tool).
  • Bezier paths did not properly support the Stretch command.
  • Viewports rotated to 270° could show incorrect drawing elements.
  • Improved the Offset command applied to polylines.
  • Resizing a group now shows the correct preview.
  • Fixed “Jiggle” special lines.
  • Fixed the maximum height of the selection menu on Object Info panel.
  • Object Info: the counter of selected items and the arrows used to navigate through the selection did not work correctly.
  • Mac: fixed an offset of texts and images when printing with the generic printer driver.
  • Fixed an offset of texts in viewports.
  • Zooming in and out with the scroll wheel did not retain the correct snap point.
  • Fixed circular and oval text shapes.
  • Fixed scaling of groups that contain scale-dependent symbols.
  • Removed cause of disappearing symbol items.
  • Hidden symbol attributes were computed in the bounds of the symbol.
  • Pressing Esc to cancel a bezier path now works consistently.
  • The Zoom to Fit command could fail when the zoomed sheet was empty.
  • Closing the Project Settings window while editing a Project Info value now saves the data being entered.
  • Made sure only symbols are listed in the Symbols table.
  • Full circles in symbols did not use the user-defined fill color.
  • Closed a memory leak generated by opening and closing documents.
  • Angular dimensions did not work when Snap to Objects was turned off.
  • Fixed a situation where certain lines could not be selected.
  • Zooming with the scroll wheel on symbols when the Snap to sub-items was active no longer changes the center of view erratically.
  • Project Window: fixed resizing of the sidebar.
  • Project Window: fixed the scrollbars.
  • Resource Manager > Colors: fixed the editing of colour HSV and CMY values.
  • Color palettes: fixed synchronization between library and project palettes.
  • Fractional units are now consistent in the display of leading zero’s.
  • Project Settings > Units: improved the sample texts for zero-suppression options.
  • Improved support for theme switching.
  • Improved support for changes to language.
  • Windows: fixed shortcuts that use the Alt button.
  • macOS: reordered the Window menu.
  • Sidebar: when collapsed, all tabs are rendered with the same background color.
  • The Toolbox on the Project window did not correctly handle smaller displays.
  • The default template setting did not work correctly after installing an update.
  • The timer in Project Information that tracks the time spent on the project did not start at 0 when opening a template.
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