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HighDesign R7 (2022.2) Release Notes

Version: 2022.2.2086
Status: Released

New features, changes & improvements

  • Supports macOS 13 Ventura.
  • New Tracing Reference displays another sheet with adjustable opacity, angle, position, scale, clipping and rendering effect. Tracing references are used to place a view of another drawing on a sheet with different coordinates, scale and rotation without altering the original drawing.
  • Saved projects now open with the last active view and zoom.
  • Bezier Path:
    • New Node Type property to change a node’s geometry and tangents. Nodes can be straight (i.e. no control points) or have mirrored, asymmetric or disconnected control points.
    • improved construction and editing.
    • improved redraw speed and accuracy.
  • Polyline: new Node Type buttons in Object Info to quickly change a vertex type from line to arc and vice-versa.
  • The Join command has been enhanced and now supports Polylines, Splines and Paths in addition to lines and walls. It can be used to combine two polylines, add any line or arc to a polyline, and join two splines or bezier paths in one object.
  • The Hatch at Click tool now supports regions made of lines, polylines, arcs, bezier paths, splines and mixed shapes made of different objects. Also, Hatch at Click can now be used to open holes in a selected hatch by clicking a closed region inside the hatch.
  • Redesigned the Layers menu on the Properties bar for easier access to common layer commands and to the current layer’s opacity.
  • The Page format panel now allows to enter the pages size in any base unit, including pixels.
  • Updated the list of format presets in Drawing Presentation to include social post sizes.


  • Project Views are now available on HighDesign SE.
  • HD-94 Changing stroke or fill colour of a selected symbol should work regardless of its “Colours by symbol” setting.
  • HD-122 Improved handling of insufficient privileges when trying to open a project.
  • HD-94 Changing stroke or fill colour of a selected symbol should work regardless of its “Colours by symbol” setting

Bug Fixes

  1. HD-136 Snap to viewports does not work correctly in all situations.
  2. HD-135 The Snaps panel and the Snaps menu are not synchronized
  3. HD-134 Viewports are slow when moved
  4. HD-133 Images could show the gradient control points when selected
  5. HD-132 Input fields do not show the correct cursor when the stepper control is visible
  6. HD-131 Occasional crashes when closing windows with popup menu
  7. HD-129 Stretch: the preview is not displayed correctly
  8. HD-128 Pattern Hatches show artefacts when the region includes islands.
  9. HD-127 Hatches: snap to islands does not work consistently
  10. HD-126 The Arrange panel does not enable the buttons when not visible
  11. HD-125 The contextual menu of poly-line and path nodes does not open consistently
  12. HD-124 Panning with the middle mouse button does not update the parameters of the current view
  13. HD-123 Linear Multiply tool does not show the correct preview
  14. HD-121 Text boxes are not resized correctly when edited by one side
  15. HD-120 Selected text boxes do not show the Move cursor when the pointer is over the centre
  16. HD-119 Editing a text box with a frame does not show the correct preview
  17. HD-118 Windows: on normal resolution displays, hairlines are not visible when antialiasing is off
  18. HD-117 Linear hatches are not scaled correctly
  19. HD-116 Fill opacity is not set consistently in exported pdf
  20. HD-115 DXF: doors were not exported to dxf/dwg
  21. HD-114 Text tool: selecting a font from the menu of the Text Style toolbar did not apply the font to new text
  22. HD-113 Object Info Paper Size panel did not show the custom paper size after it was selected
  23. HD-112 Object Info Sheet properties did not refresh correctly when collapsed
  24. HD-111 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXSheetManager
  25. HD-110 Changing drawing scale from Object Info does not scale sheet correctly
  26. HD-109 Viewports: rotated images are not displayed correctly
  27. HD-108 Exception NilObjectException in LXUtilsLib
  28. HD-107 View position occasionally jumps to an incorrect location when zooming in and out with the scroll wheel
  29. HD-106 Undo/Redo Move does not update sheet bounds
  30. HD-105 Exception NilObjectException in LXLinearHatch
  31. HD-104 Duplicating a construction line resulted in corrupted equation of the original line
  32. HD-103 New Style by Selection does not work
  33. HD-102 Exception NilObjectException in LXProjectBrowser
  34. HD-101 Select All shows selected guides regardless of the Hide Construction Line option
  35. HD-100 Exception NilObjectException in ImageInspector
  36. HD-99 Exception NilObjectException in LXoRadialDimension
  37. HD-98 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXDetailSheet
  38. HD-93 Images exported at 72 DPI do not apply antialiasing
  39. HD-92 Increment arrows in value fields are not always accessible
  40. HD-91 Edit Group workspace: editing commands open their option panel on top of the Edit Group palette
  41. HD-90 Edit Group workspace: deleting an object does not update the edited group
  42. HD-85 Crash deleting a line in Edit Group workspace
  43. HD-84 Text tool: Pressing the space bar when editing a text activates another tool and cancels the text input box.
  44. HD-83 DWG/DXF: imported dimension text size is 0 in some files
  45. HD-82 DWG: Annotations open out of scale
  46. HD-81 Exception NilObjectException in PSProjectInfoPane
  47. HD-80 Exception NilObjectException in LXDocument
  48. HD-79 Exception NilObjectException in Texture
  49. HD-78 The Symbol Properties window does not locate the selected symbol correctly.
  50. HD-77 Internal error in text rendering
  51. HD-76 Rectangle: scaling does not work consistently.
  52. HD-75 Groups: resizing by one handle can occasionally flip the member objects.
  53. HD-74 Object Info: the Sheet info pane does not hide its content when collapsed in the Sidebar
  54. HD-73 Styles Manager: error prevents the Delete Style button from correctly opening the Replace Style dialogue.
  55. HD-72 DWG/DXF: error reading the Header of a file.
  56. HD-71 Minor internal error occurs when quitting the app.
  57. HD-70 Offset: after exiting the command, the select/deselect functions do not work properly.
  58. HD-69 Cursor does not change to arrow when entering a floating panel
  59. HD-68 Files created with previous versions: symbols are no longer linked to files in library
  60. HD-67 Point highlight is scaled with the zoom factor
  61. HD-66 Constrain Tangent does not work on arcs
  62. HD-64 The function of the intersection is incorrect
  63. HD-61 Ticket #963430 – DropDown menu with 2 screens
  64. HD-60 Ticket #633371 – Object selection on 2nd screen
  65. HD-57 Hatches do not redraw when they are inside a group and in a special workspace
  66. HD-55 Window > Panels > Restore Defaults opens duplicate panels
  67. HD-54 When working on a 2nd screen drop down menus from the tool bar always open on the main screen. Also see photo attached.
  68. HD-52 Exception OutOfMemoryException in LXVectorObject.Read_2017
  69. HD-51 Exception NilObjectException in LXGraphics.PlotText
  70. HD-50 “Graphic Attributes” panel name overflows the available space when the sidebar is collapsed.
  71. HD-46 Exception NilObjectException in LXoRectangle.Rendering
  72. HD-45 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXoWindow.DrawSliding
  73. HD-44 Exception NilObjectException in App.setMenuIcons
  74. HD-43 Exception NilObjectException in LXoText.UpdateGeometry
  75. HD-42 Exception NilObjectException in LXoLine.Intersecting
  76. HD-41 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXEditMethods.MoveObjectsToLayer
  77. HD-40 Exception IOException in LXStandardsManager
  78. HD-39 Exception NilObjectException in LXoLine
  79. HD-38 Exception NilObjectException in RMLayersPane
  80. HD-37 The Constrain Aligned button does not return to a normal state after cancelling the command
  81. HD-36 The Snap panel opens with an incorrect height when the sidebar is collapsed
  82. HD-33 Resizing a window by its handles does not always update the host wall
  83. HD-32 The Offset command does not work with Bezier paths
  84. HD-31 Exception NilObjectException in Boundary
  85. HD-27 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXoBSpline
  86. HD-22 Exception UnsupportedFormatException in LXUtilities.getRelativeFolderitem
  87. HD-21 Exception NilObjectException in LXVectorObject.LinkObject
  88. HD-20 Exception IllegalCastException in LXToolSymbols.OverlayAction
  89. HD-19 Exception NilObjectException in LXoHatch.Rendering
  90. HD-18 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXoGroup.DrawSelected
  91. HD-17 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXoViewport.RebuildBuffer
  92. HD-16 Exception NilObjectException in LXoHatch.PrepareHatching
  93. HD-15 Exception NilObjectException in RMLinesPane.EnableActionButtons
  94. HD-14 Exception NilObjectException in LXoArc.SettingBounds
  95. HD-13 Exception NilObjectException in LXmBezierPath.EditMoveGx
  96. HD-12 Exception NilObjectException in DXFOutlet.Export
  97. HD-11 Exception NilObjectException in LXmHatch.Edit_StretchVertexMoveGx
  98. HD-10 Exception IllegalCastException in LXStylesManager.AutoCreateTypes
  99. HD-9 Exception NilObjectException in FileExchange.DXFAvailable
  100. HD-8 Exception IllegalCastException in LXoHatch.Rendering
  101. HD-7 Exception NilObjectException in LXStylesManager.Apply
  102. HD-6 Exception NilObjectException in LXUtilities.CenterChildWindow
  103. HD-5 Exception in EditSymbolPalette
  104. HD-4 Exception in App
  105. HD-3 Exception in LXoXRefElement
  106. HD-2 Exception in LXoViewport
  107. HD-1 Exception in LXoText