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HighDesign R7.1.1 (2023.1.1) Release Notes

Version: 2023.1.1.2184
Status: Released

Fixes and Improvements

  • Arc tool: double-clicking could occasionally create incomplete circle objects.
  • Filled arcs and ellipses did not render correctly.
  • Fixed theme support on some windows and panels.
  • Mac App Store: fixed internal error in the Print command.
  • Canvas grid: major divisions are now visible at any zoom factor.
  • Canvas grid: improved refresh speed and reduced the appearance of the spinning wheel on macOS.
  • Project Window: zooming with the mouse wheel now works correctly when the window is not frontmost.
  • Windows: chequered markers were not rendered correctly.
  • The Report Internal Error window, that opens when automatic reports are disabled, did not work correctly.
  • Mac App Store: implemented error reporting.
  • Mac App Store: fixed internal error using the new Export Image window.
  • Rewritten the Delete Duplicates command.
  • Improved speed and responsiveness while using splines and hatches.
  • Simplify Spline now supports hatches and is renamed as Simplify Shape.
  • Saving a symbol through the Project > New Symbol from Selection did not work correctly.
  • Symbol settings panel: a new drop-down menu opens in place of the Edit icon.
  • Project Views panel: improved readability of the view name.
  • Help menu: added commands to restore the default settings for application, print setup and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added safety checks to prevent occasional freezes opening damaged drawings.
  • Double-clicking a document in the Finder / File Explorer no longer opens an additional document with the default template when the Home window is disabled.
  • Mac: restored the ability to open PDF images from the Insert Image command.