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HighDesign R6.0.2 Release Notes

Changes and Improvements

  1. Speed optimizations: HighDesign 6.0.2 is ~8.5% faster than version 6.0.1.
  2. Annotations with Spline leader style now calculate automatically the best profile for the leader. As a result, it is no longer possible to define the tangents of a spline leader.

Bug Fixes

  1. Gradients: changing the opacity of a color now works correctly.
  2. Gradients: fixed the Invert gradient command
  3. Graphic styles with gradients no longer include the coordinates of the start and end points.
  4. Copying and pasting graphic attributes now work correctly with gradients.
  5. Gradients applied to arcs and circles now draw correctly.
  6. Gradients (Mac): the regions before and after the gradient’s first and last control points are filled with the corresponding colours.
  7. Changing the system theme now correctly updates the text color on macOS 10.14 and newer.
  8. Hatch Settings panel: the controls for rotation are now enabled when a texture is selected.
  9. HighDesign Standard Edition could crash when importing DWG/DXF files.
  10. Updated the icon for the Expand/Retract toolbar.
  11. The dialog to choose a sheet to open when opening a Pro project in HighDesign Lt did not use the correct theme colours.
  12. Annotation Settings panel: added an angular slider to control the rotation of the label.
  13. Annotations: changing the leader style no longer moves the landing point.
  14. Annotations: editing the label of an annotation created by the Duplicate command now opens the text input field at the correct location.
  15. Annotations: double-clicking to edit the label of a selected annotation no longer resets the text to the default suggested values.
  16. Text boxes created with the fit height or fit size methods are correctly sized regardless of the zoom factor.
  17. Text defaults now show a rounded value of text size in the current unit.
  18. Improved consistency of application name and editions and added badge colours for the different editions.
  19. Corrected issue with the Convert to Polyline command that would occasionally miss a vertex when applied to closed shapes.
  20. Arrow tool: holding down the Shift key removes already selected items when using the selection rectangle and Selection region methods.
  21. Object Info: the index and count of the selected item displayed in the panel header were not always correct.
  22. Corrected and updated the behaviour and UI of the Line Scale input dialogue.
  23. The profile of the current polyline being constructed is now rendered correctly.
  24. The Detail area being constructed is rendered correctly while entering its name.
  25. Resource Manager/Colors: updated the layout; added contextual menu command to rebuild the colour table.
  26. Miscellaneous fixes and stability improvements.
  27. Fixed potential crash when using the Datum Point.
  28. The fill of circles now matches the outline in viewports or printed detail areas.
  29. Scroll wheel behaviour now matches the overall accepted pattern: Shift key scrolls horizontally; Alt/Option key scrolls vertically; no modifier key zooms in and out.
  30. When the snap to objects is off, the right click selects the item under the cursor instead of opening the contextual menu.
  31. Layers added via the Import Layers command on the Layers Manager window did not receive the correct internal index.
  32. Importing layers via the Import Layers command did not update the Layers panel (either sidebar or palette).
  33. Textures were not rendered correctly in viewports.
  34. Duplicating sheets no longer copies damaged objects. Previously, damaged lines that were invisible in the original sheet could be displayed on the duplicate sheet as converging to (0, 0).
  35. Trim: internal changes to prevent the creation of 0-length lines.
  36. Objects created with the Felt Pen special type did not display correctly in viewports.
  37. The templates pane on the Welcome window did not scroll correctly.
  38. Styles that referenced a hidden layer did not update when loaded into a project.
  39. Improved support for Academic Lab licenses.
  40. Fixed the colours of the Print window when the application theme differs from the system theme.
  41. Switching theme in the Preferences window no longer sends the window to the background.
  42. Closing the Preferences window could cause the theme to change.
  43. Fixed minor appearance errors on Windows.
  44. On Windows, switching antialiasing off could could cause redraw errors where thin lines were not rendered correctly by the system graphics.
  45. When creating a new title block, the layout used the project’s default paper size instead of that selected by the user.