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HighDesign R6.0.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  1. The clipping of some objects in underlays was not accurate.
  2. Items that have been ungrouped could not be deleted.
  3. Dashed construction lines no longer scale with the current zoom.
  4. Corrected situation that could freeze the app when moving large groups with sub-groups.
  5. Layer names are now always regarded as case-sensitive.
  6. Printing a drawing when the sheet display mode is set to “Hide Others” (isolate) now works correctly.
  7. Removing a layer and changing the layer of the objects now works on all types of sheet.
  8. DXF/DWG out: improved formatting of exported multi-line texts.
  9. DXF/DWG out: the coordinates of single leader lines were incorrect under certain circumstances.
  10. DXF/DWG out: fixed the view settings when the exported drawing contains one horizontal or vertical line.
  11. DXF/DWG out: single-vertex polylines are no longer exported.
  12. Improved the appearance of the focus highlight area that is drawn when the pointer is over the Object Info or Project Browser panes.
  13. Layers pane and Layers manager panel: attempting to rename or add a layer with the same, case-sensitive name as another layer now shows an alert.
  14. Changing the UI theme in the Preferences window now works correctly.
  15. Objects near the window border no longer disappear from view when zooming in.
  16. The view of new drafting sheets now shows the origin of the axes in the lower-left corner.
  17. Clicking outside the text field on Project Browser, Layers pane and other panes now accept the changes instead of reverting to the previous text.
  18. Improved the appearance of disabled buttons in dark theme.
  19. Made sure that entered or modified resource names are treated in the correct text encoding.
  20. The File > Close command now closes the Welcome window when it is in front of other windows.
  21. Fixed clipping of dimension labels when printed in a detail area.
  22. Replaced the sounds for “Done” and “Project View” actions.
  23. Updated the background color of popup menus on macOS.
  24. Fixed output of negative values expressed in fractional inches.
  25. The Units pane in Project Settings did not show the correct fractional precision.
  26. Fixed several glitches in the Project Views pane.
  27. DXF/DWG: improved the export of multi-line texts and fixed the text encoding of the exported text values.
  28. Windows: fixed a number visual issues in the Resource Manager.