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20. Document Maintenance

Project Utilities
Topics in this section
  • Repair Document
    Clean up the document, internal references and fix incorrect values.
  • Purge Unused
    Remove all unused layers, line-types, hatches, and other resources.

Repair Document 

Documents can occasionally contain damaged or invalid objects when they are imported from other formats, or when crashes or power failures occur while saving a project. 

This command checks the document for damaged items, such as unreferenced hatches, incomplete vertices or zero-length segments, and deletes them. It also rebuilds the internal identification handles of each object and checks the bounds of the windows. 

To repair the document, choose Help Repair Document. This command cannot be undone. 

Purge Unused 

A project, especially when opened from a different edition of HighDesign or when imported from a different file format, can include unnecessary resources and items, like unused line-types, hatches, symbols. 

To remove unused items from the project, choose Help Purge.

In the dialog window, check the kind of items and resources that you want to purge and click OK. Default resources that are loaded automatically with each new project will not be deleted, even if unused in the current project. 

This command cannot be undone.