HighDesign Public Roadmap

Building Element Properties

The ability to attach information to element types or individual design elements such as walls, doors, windows, etc. The information can be of several types: text, quantity, price, weight, thermal performance, and can be displayed in project reports.

Trace References

Add a “trace reference” property to Drafting sheets. A trace reference shows a drawing from another sheet with adjustable opacity, rotation and visualisation filter. Useful to create floor plans, elevations and sections.

3D Views

Workspace and tools for 3D modelling. Ability to view and inspect elements in 3D view.


Floor/Height levels. A system that organises space vertically by defining horizontal planes (levels).

New Image File Sharing window

A modern Image File Sharing window to export the project as image. The new window provides centralised access to the common settings of file size, resolution and graphics options needed to export an image of the project.

Improved Dimensions

Add Progressive linear dimensions Add door and window standard dimensioning Auto-dimensions