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HighDesign R7.1 (2022.3) Release Notes

Status: unreleased, in development.

New Features and Improvements

  • Faster document loading.
  • Importing a DWG/DXF file is 3x faster.
  • DWG/DXF: a new window shows the progress of the import process and allows the user to cancel the operation.
  • Images are now displayed at 50% transparency during Move and Duplicate commands.
  • DWG/DXF: added support for Wipeout entities.

Bug Fixes

  • HD-12 Exception in DXFOutlet.Export
  • HD-32 The Offset command does not work with Bezier paths
  • HD-40 Exception IOException in LXStandardsManager.SaveCustomPaper @ 0
  • HD-52 Exception OutOfMemoryException in LXVectorObject.Read_2017 @ 10
  • HD-67 Point highlight is scaled with the zoom factor
  • HD-105 Exception NilObjectException in LXLinearHatch
  • HD-108 Exception NilObjectException in LXUtilsLib
  • HD-111 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXSheetManager
  • HD-146 Object Info: some panels could scroll above the panel header
  • HD-147 The live preview of the Mirror command does not always show the objects
  • HD-150 Images are opaque while being moved
  • HD-152 Exception in LXoViewport
  • HD-153 Exception in LXoAnnotation
  • HD-154 Exception in LXoAnnotation
  • HD-155 Exception in LXmTextNote
  • HD-156 Exception in LXmDetailAreaRect
  • HD-157 Annotations with curve and arc leader lines show their label centred on the end point
  • HD-158 DXF/DWG: hatch boundaries with arc segments are not converted correctly
  • HD-159 DWG/DXF: dimension text size is incorrect in some instances
  • HD-160 DWG/DXF: arc coordinates are not converted correctly under certain circumstances
  • HD-161 DWG/DXF: importing is slow with large files
  • HD-164 DWG/DXF: layouts are not imported correctly
  • HD-165 DWG/DXF: Chinese characters are not converted correctly in some files
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