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HighDesign R6.5-2 (2022.2) Development Notes

Version: 2022.2-2045
Status: Beta testing

New features, changes & improvements

  • Sheets have a new Tracing Reference property that displays another sheet with adjustable opacity, angle, position, clipping and rendering effect. Tracing references are used to place a view of another drawing on a sheet with different coordinates, scale and rotation without altering the original drawing.
  • Saved projects now open with the last active view and zoom.
  • Bezier Path:
    • improved construction and editing.
    • improved redraw speed and accuracy.
    • new Vertex type buttons in Object Info control the tangent type of the vertex. A vertex can be straight (i.e. no control points) or have mirrored, asymmetric or disconnected control points.
  • Polyline: new Node Type buttons in Object Info to quickly change a vertex type from line to arc and vice-versa.
  • The Join command has been enhanced and now supports Polylines, Splines and Paths in addition to lines and walls. It can be used to combine two polylines, add any line or arc to a polyline, and join two splines or bezier paths in one object.
  • Redesigned the Layers menu on the Properties bar for easier access to common layer commands and to the current layer’s opacity.

Bug Fixes

  1. HD-104 Duplicating a construction line resulted in corrupted equation of the original line
  2. HD-103 New Style by Selection does not work
  3. HD-102 Exception NilObjectException in LXProjectBrowser
  4. HD-101 Select All shows selected guides regardless of the Hide Construction Line option
  5. HD-100 Exception NilObjectException in ImageInspector
  6. HD-99 Exception NilObjectException in LXoRadialDimension
  7. HD-98 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXDetailSheet
  8. HD-93 Images exported at 72 DPI do not apply antialiasing
  9. HD-92 Increment arrows in value fields are not always accessible
  10. HD-91 Edit Group workspace: editing commands open their option panel on top of the Edit Group palette
  11. HD-90 Edit Group workspace: deleting an object does not update the edited group
  12. HD-85 Crash deleting a line in Edit Group workspace
  13. HD-84 Text tool: Pressing the space bar when editing a text activates another tool and cancels the text input box.
  14. HD-83 DWG/DXF: imported dimension text size is 0 in some files
  15. HD-82 DWG: Annotations open out of scale
  16. HD-81 Exception NilObjectException in PSProjectInfoPane
  17. HD-80 Exception NilObjectException in LXDocument
  18. HD-79 Exception NilObjectException in Texture
  19. HD-78 The Symbol Properties window does not locate the selected symbol correctly.
  20. HD-77 Internal error in text rendering
  21. HD-76 Rectangle: scaling does not work consistently.
  22. HD-75 Groups: resizing by one handle can occasionally flip the member objects.
  23. HD-74 Object Info: the Sheet info pane does not hide its content when collapsed in the Sidebar
  24. HD-73 Styles Manager: error prevents the Delete Style button from correctly opening the Replace Style dialogue.
  25. HD-72 DWG/DXF: error reading the Header of a file.
  26. HD-71 Minor internal error occurs when quitting the app.
  27. HD-70 Offset: after exiting the command, the select/deselect functions do not work properly.
  28. HD-69 Cursor does not change to arrow when entering a floating panel
  29. HD-68 Files created with previous versions: symbols are no longer linked to files in library
  30. HD-67 Point highlight is scaled with the zoom factor
  31. HD-66 Constrain Tangent does not work on arcs
  32. HD-64 The function of the intersection is incorrect
  33. HD-61 Ticket #963430 – DropDown menu with 2 screens
  34. HD-60 Ticket #633371 – Object selection on 2nd screen
  35. HD-57 Hatches do not redraw when they are inside a group and in a special workspace
  36. HD-55 Window > Panels > Restore Defaults opens duplicate panels
  37. HD-54 When working on a 2nd screen drop down menus from the tool bar always open on the main screen. Also see photo attached.
  38. HD-52 Exception OutOfMemoryException in LXVectorObject.
  39. HD-51 Exception NilObjectException in LXGraphics.PlotText
  40. HD-50 “Graphic Attributes” panel name overflows the available space when the sidebar is collapsed.
  41. HD-46 Exception NilObjectException in LXoRectangle
  42. HD-45 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXoWindow.
  43. HD-44 Exception NilObjectException in App
  44. HD-43 Exception NilObjectException in LXoText
  45. HD-42 Exception NilObjectException in LXoLine
  46. HD-41 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXEditMethods
  47. HD-40 Exception IOException in LXStandardsManager
  48. HD-39 Exception NilObjectException in LXoLine
  49. HD-38 Exception NilObjectException in RMLayersPane
  50. HD-37 The Constrain Aligned button does not return to a normal state after cancelling the command
  51. HD-36 The Snap panel opens with an incorrect height when the sidebar is collapsed
  52. HD-33 Resizing a window by its handles does not always update the host wall
  53. HD-32 The Offset command does not work with Bezier paths
  54. HD-31 Exception NilObjectException in Boundary
  55. HD-27 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXoBSpline
  56. HD-22 Exception UnsupportedFormatException in LXUtilities
  57. HD-21 Exception NilObjectException in LXVectorObject
  58. HD-20 Exception IllegalCastException in LXToolSymbols
  59. HD-19 Exception NilObjectException in LXoHatch
  60. HD-18 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXoGroup
  61. HD-17 Exception OutOfBoundsException in LXoViewport
  62. HD-16 Exception NilObjectException in LXoHatch
  63. HD-15 Exception NilObjectException in RMLinesPane
  64. HD-14 Exception NilObjectException in LXoArc
  65. HD-13 Exception NilObjectException in LXmBezierPath
  66. HD-12 Exception NilObjectException in DXFOutlet
  67. HD-11 Exception NilObjectException in LXmHatch
  68. HD-10 Exception IllegalCastException in LXStylesManager
  69. HD-9 Exception NilObjectException in FileExchange
  70. HD-8 Exception IllegalCastException in LXoHatch
  71. HD-7 Exception NilObjectException in LXStylesManager
  72. HD-6 Exception NilObjectException in LXUtilities
  73. HD-5 Exception NilObjectException in EditSymbolPalette
  74. HD-4 Exception IOException in App
  75. HD-3 Exception NilObjectException in LXoXRefElement
  76. HD-2 Exception NilObjectException in LXoViewport
  77. HD-1 Exception NilObjectException in LXoText


HD-94 Changing stroke or fill colour of a selected symbol should work regardless of its “Colours by symbol” setting


HD-25 Tracing Layers

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