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HighDesign R6.2 Release Notes

Status: beta

New features, changes & improvements

  • Walls: added a new option that lets you control the angle of the internal hatches by setting it to absolute or relative to the wall orientation.
  • Images: added import/export support for the BMP file format.
  • Improved appearance of dragged rows in the Project Browser.
  • A new created style or type is automatically loaded in the Settings window.
  • Double-clicking a method button in the Properties toolbar shows the tool’s settings panel if available.
  • Tag annotations:
    • Tags can now have their frame style set automatically by their associated component’s class or user-defined.
    • The rotation of the tag label can be set as horizontal, aligned to the component or user-defined.
    • Tag values can be switched on and off directly by clicking the selected tag.
    • Improved size and geometry of tag frames.
    • Accurate calculation of object bounds.
  • Pressing the Esc key or right-clicking while constructing segmented shapes, like poly-lines, hatches, bezier paths, etc. now consistently confirms the object in all tools. Use Alt-Right click to cancel the last vertex.
  • Rotated text bocks now retain their styles and character colors.
  • Color palettes panel:
    • Holding down the Command key (Mac) or Control key (Windows), or right-clicking allows the panel to stay open after selecting a colour.
    • Changing an indexed color’s opacity now retains the color index.
  • The Fill popover now remembers which tab was last used.
  • The Arrow tool can now be used to access the editing menu of tools such as Poly-line, Hatch, BeziĆ©r Path, etc to add and delete vertices.

Bug Fixes

  1. Gradient panel: The HEX field did not work correctly.
  2. Hatch Settings panel: the fill button did not update correctly the global fill settings.
  3. The Revert Style command no longer alters objects with a different style.
  4. Viewports: the fill property of walls and symbols did not honor the filter settings.
  5. Viewports are now transparent during zoom or move operations.
  6. Viewport settings: the Area menu did not check the correct item.
  7. Textures were rendered regardless of the filter settings.
  8. Edit image no longer resizes the image if no crop action was performed.
  9. Object Info: the Paper format pane did not resize correctly when the size standard was custom.
  10. Line-types manager: fixed error saving a duplicate line.
  11. Line-types manager: the dash & gap fields now accept the entered values automatically.
  12. Closing the Resource Manager correctly restores the open palettes.
  13. Miscellaneous stability improvements to prevent the sudden disappearance of drawing objects.
  14. Windows: the Welcome window no longer opens when the main window is activated.
  15. Windows: improved the user interface to make it more consistent with the Windows UI. Support for the dark theme is now more complete and includes the menu bar.
  16. macOS: the Window menu now includes the Tile Window commands.
  17. macOS: switching themes in the System preferences no longer causes HighDesign to change its theme when it is not set as “By System”. I.e. the light theme stays even when the user switches the system theme to dark, and vice-versa.
  18. The Window/Door settings panel did not resize correctly when the previous family was Simple Opening.
  19. Project Settings and Resource Manager windows provide better support for themes.
  20. The Preferences window is now always displayed with the system theme so that its items are always readable.
  21. Color palettes: improved import of ASE files; exported ASE files now include the palette and color names.
  22. Elevation Dimensions: the Spot marker now renders correctly when printed.
  23. Elevation Dimensions now include the optional units symbol even when the text is custom.
  24. Fixed the input fields in the Drawing Presentation tool.
  25. The image view window opened by the Drawing Presentation tool now supports the Export as Image menu items.
  26. New styles name did not use the correct progressive index.
  27. Fixed a visual glitch while editing an item’s name in the Project Browser.
  28. The Styles popup available on Element Settings windows, such as Dimensions, Annotations, Walls, etc. now shows the correct styles regardless of the currently active method.
  29. The New Style pane on the Resource Window now sets the correct element class according to the selected folder.
  30. The Delete button in the Styles Manager now correctly allows to remove project styles and types and rebuilds the list view accordingly.
  31. Fixed regression bug that prevented hatch patterns from drawing at scale.
  32. Changing leader style of tag annotations no longer raises an error.
  33. Text units correctly default to inches when the document uses imperial units.
  34. Frame size and padding properties did not work correctly for Tag annotations.
  35. Tags: fixed text font, size and padding.
  36. Fixed a regression bug that prevented texts and other box-shaped objects from being duplicated with Alt-Move.
  37. Text blocks with a frame now correctly calculate their bounds and react with accuracy to snapping.
  38. Improved the accuracy of the custom color picker when used in HSV color mode.
  39. Corrected the localisation of several interface items.
  40. Panning by holding the space bar no longer cancels the current operation.
  41. Activating panning now correctly highlights the Pan icon.
  42. Fixed the “Continue” option in the Poly-line tool.
  43. Clicking outside a tool’s option menu, such as that opened by clicking the Gear icon in the Polyline tool, now closes the menu instead of opening it again.

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